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Think You Don’t Have a Brand? Think Again. The Importance of Intentional Branding

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

A metaphor of not paying attention to your brand. A mannequin face with two hands covering the eyes is used as symbolism to the importance of branding.

You may think of branding as something that is just for big brands or celebrities, but every single person has their own personal brand that they are putting out there, whether they intend to or not. Your brand is built from your unique identity, what others associate with you. Your personality, values, reputation, how you dress; these all form part of your personal brand.

There have been many times where I am driving down a street in a modest or lower-income neighborhood and I see a VERY expensive car parked in the driveway of a very modest house. The person who drives that car, despite whatever the reality of their financial situation may be, is trying to brand themselves as successful and financially stable using their car to convey that message to others. Even though nobody may see their home, by driving around in an expensive vehicle, this person has created an immediate impression that will influence how others perceive them. I would bet that person also spends a lot on clothes and personal grooming to reinforce that perception.

The key when it comes to branding, whether that be for a person or a company, is authenticity. It’s important to be intentional about how you want yourself or your brand to be perceived. Start by setting clear goals and values, and then align your actions and behaviors with those goals. Take a look at your online presence - are you actively curating your social media to reflect your personal brand? Are you engaging in offline activities that align with your values and goals?

Finally, consider how others are perceiving you. How do they describe you to others when you are not in the room? What words or phrases would they use to describe your personality, work ethic, and values? Their perception offers insight into how your personal brand is being received, and can help you decide whether you want to make any changes or improvements.

Have you ever thought about the personal brand you are giving off? Is it purposeful or accidental?


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